Elementary School Curriculum

  • Elementary students working in class The state standards for education used in Georgia public schools are available at GeorgiaStandards.org.

    Opportunity for Gifted Students

    Whitfield County Schools participates in a yearly gifted screening process. Gifted referrals will be accepted for the 2015-2016 school year for elementary school students from January 20th-30th. Gifted referrals for middle and high school will be accepted from February 23rd-27th. If you have questions, please contact your child’s school.

    Grade Scale

    Teachers are expected to maintain accurate grades for each student in their class. Infinite Campus is used for 4th and 5th grade students to record grades. All kindergarten through second-grade teachers use a standards-based report card to measure student progress with the state standardson a scaled rubric. Grades 3–5 use the numerical format below to report progress.

    A = 90–100
    B = 80–89
    C = 70–79
    F = Below 70

    Non-Negotiable Practices for High Student Performance

    Whitfield County Schools is committed to using effective instructional practices in every classroom. Our goal is that all students achieve at their highest level.  

    We will teach the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) with fidelity by

    • Designing lessons aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)
    • Identifying key concepts in the language of the standards 
    • Using essential questions to connect instruction to the standard 
    • Asking students to explain the standards in their own words 

    We will monitor the progress of our students while working collaboratively using the Data Team Process by: 

    • Developing formative assessments that are explicitly aligned to standards 
    • Collecting, charting, and analyzing student work on a regular basis 
    • Identifying students who are not meeting standards, meeting standards, or exceeding standards 
    • Adjusting/Differentiating instruction based on assessment results 
    • Using a variety of instructional strategies to address student needs 

    All teaching and learning activities will reflect a shared understanding of what students should know, do, and understand and will be built around a common framework for instruction that consists of: 

    • Opening -Activating strategies centered on the standard, element(s), and essential question 
    • Mini-lesson -Modeling while referencing standards and key vocabulary 
    • Using exemplars (examples of student work that meets or exceeds the standard) 
    • Work Period -Engaging students using performance tasks 
    • Using higher-order thinking questions to probe student understanding 
    • Closing -Summarizing strategies to assess student understanding 

    Our classroom environment will be built on: 

    • Strong student-teacher relationships based on the school district’s core values 
    • The social-emotional needs of our students 
    • Established rituals and routines  
    • Evidence of the common framework for instruction 
    • Evidence of student work that reflects the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)

    Our communication with parents will be: 

    • Frequent, clear, and consistent 
    • Focused on building a partnership with parents and community for improving student performance

Meet Our Staff

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