FY23 Tentative Budget

  • FY23 Adopted Budget

    Click here to enlarge image. Click here to download the FY23 Budget Presentation. 

Annual Budget Process

  • Before the end of June each year, the Whitfield County Board of Education approves the annual budget. The fiscal year for Georgia public schools begins July 1 and ends June 30. The annual budgets approved by the school board for the past five years are available to download below.

    Budget Calendar

    • February
      • School/Department Operation Allotments
      • Budget Scenario Discussions/Analysis
      • Approve District Calendar
    • March
      • Staffing Allotments/FTE Projections
      • BOE Approval of Administrative Personnel
      • Budget Scenario Discussions/Analysis
    • April
      • BOE Approval of Certified/Classified Personnel
      • Budget Scenario Discussions/Analysis
      • Analysis of Projected State & Local Revenue
    • May
      • Compiled Preliminary Budget for Review/Discussion/Modification
      • BOE Approval of Tentative Budget 
      • Public Advertisement of Budget in Local News Media
      • Public Meetings for Tentative Budget Review & Input
    • June 
      • Board Approval of Next Year's Budget