Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know what bus my child will ride? 

    The lead driver for your child’s school will be available during the school's orientation at the beginning of the school year. Families can meet teachers, pick up schedules, and learn more about the coming year. If your child gets to ride the bus to school, be sure to visit the driver to learn more about the transportation service we provide, including bus numbers and approximate start times.

    Will my child be picked up and dropped off at the same time as the previous year? 

    Bus drivers and the families they serve will enjoy the same routes they were running at the end of last school year. The addition of several new buses to the fleet since last school year will mean a few new bus numbers, but the stop times and locations should be the same as last year for all households. All new drivers will navigate their routes before school begins with a trainer on board to help them find their way. They will also have a ride-along partner familiar with the area for additional support on the bus during the first three days of school.

    How many buses and drivers does your system have?

    169 buses / 129 bus drivers

    How many students ride the bus in your system?

    Approximately 9,500 students are bus riders

    What are the requirements to become a bus driver?

    Our drivers must have a clear criminal record and motor vehicle report, hold a Class B commercial driver’s license with S and P endorsements, a physical exam, state Department of Transportation alcohol and drug screening, and successfully complete Whitfield County Schools Transportation bus training program including classroom instruction and behind the wheel training and evaluation. Visit Human Resources to learn more about working for Whitfield County Schools or go straight to our Jobs Application Manager to apply for any available positions.

    Our training exceeds state requirements and is constantly re-evaluated by trainers, drivers, and supervisors to ensure that we recognize trends are and appropriately address issues before they become problems.

    Bus drivers for Whitfield County Schools are required to spend at least 20 hours in the classroom, 20 hours pre-trip/parking lot, 6 hours without students, and 12 hours with students for a total of approximately 58 hours. This is in addition to the annual driver in-service training and retraining of drivers with particular issues.

    We are working to provide more in-service training out to drivers throughout the year, which may include periodic “mini” driver training meetings at the schools prior to afternoon bus routes and daily safety messages by radio.