Public Use of Facilities

  • Those wish to use one of our school buildings must complete a Facilities Use Request (link below) and return it to our Operations Department. Liability insurance is required, which the Georgia School Boards Association can provide if needed.

    Public Use of School Facilities Fees Chart (see below)

    Charges for the use of school facilities will be based on the cost of utilities, custodian and maintenance personnel, and other expenses as necessary. The cost of the custodial/cafeteria worker is dependent upon the highest wage plus overtime which is currently $15.00 per hour. Costs will be reviewed annually and will be available in the business office.

    There may be no charge for other governmental entities.

    The cost of custodians, police, etc., will be added to the base and per hour cost. In all cases one (1) hour will be added to the requested time to allow for heating and cooling prior to use. Custodian and cafeteria worker cost is $15 per hour, paid directly to the custodian/cafeteria worker by the using activity of the facility for a minimum of 3 hours. A custodian must be present and paid for the entire event, including 1 hour before the event begins. The same cost applies when a cafeteria worker is required any time the use of a cafeteria/kitchen is requested.

High Schools