Energy Conservation Program

  • Energy Conservation illustration Our goal is to reduce consumption of electricity, natural gas, propane and water to lower the district’s operating expenses and reduce our carbon footprint.  This goal is achieved through monitoring and managing energy usage through analysis of power data, education of consumers to bring about behavioral changes and effectively managing our Building Control Systems.

    Additionally, we are achieving savings through:

    • Replacing older lighting such as fluorescent lights inside the buildings and the metal halide lights used in gymnasiums and for parking lots with more efficient LED lighting.
    • Replacing 15-20 year old HVAC systems that are failing with modern, energy efficient units.
    • Installing modern controls for HVAC systems to manage usage and schedule unoccupied times such as weekends and breaks.  These controls also allow us to monitor usage in real time so we can identify and correct abnormal energy patterns and manage peak demand and which will reduce costs.  Peak demand charge can account for almost half of our power bills in certain months.
    • All new construction will be designed with a focus on conservation.  How best to use energy while maintaining occupant comfort and reduce the use of fresh water.  Systems to be considered include water source heat pumps, geothermal, solar, variable refrigerant flow, variable frequency drives, lighting/ lighting controls, and plumbing fixtures that minimize freshwater consumption.