Finding Focus

  • Chart paper with word "dynamic" underlined in pink. The Whitfield County School System's Vision, Mission, and Beliefs were developed in 2005 by the System Design Team comprised of a variety of certified and classified staff. This team led the implementation of the teaching and learning framework and established the system's focus and direction. The team solicited stakeholder input throughout the process of generating the vision and goals. Initially, the superintendent presented a draft to school personnel requesting their feedback. School board members and school councils also collaborated in this process.

Mission, Vision, & Beliefs

  • Vision

    We envision a valued and dynamic school district that prepares students for success in a global community.


    Our mission is to maximize student learning by providing challenging and engaging educational experiences in a safe and supportive environment.


    1. We believe the needs of students, personnel, families, and the community are best met with a unified direction.
    2. We believe our purpose is to lead students to success by engaging them in challenging and meaningful work.
    3. We believe teachers are leaders who design learning experiences for students.
    4. We believe our personnel, families, and community members are vital to the education of our students.
    5. We believe in creating and maintaining a safe, inviting, and inclusive learning environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Visión, Misión, y Creencias

  • Visión

    Es nuestra visión ser un distrito escolar dinámico y apreciado que prepara a los estudiantes para el éxito en una comunidad internacional.


    Nuestra misión es de aumentar al máximo el aprendizaje estudiantil, proveyendo experiencias educativas interesantes y desafiantes dentro de un ambiente seguro y propicio.


    1. Creemos que las necesidades de los estudiantes, del personal, de las familias, y de la comunidad se cumplen mejor con una dirección unificada.
    2. Creemos que nuestro propósito es de guiar a los estudiantes hacia el éxito, e involucrarlos en un trabajo desafiante y significativo.
    3. Creemos que los maestros son líderes que diseñan experiencias de aprendizaje para todos los estudiantes.
    4. Creemos que nuestro personal, las familias y los miembros de la comunidad son vitales para la educación de nuestros estudiantes.
    5. Creemos en el desarrollo y mantenimiento de un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro, acogedor y participativo donde se trate a todos con dignidad y respeto.