GKIDS Readiness Check


    The GKIDS Readiness Check is a new component of the Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (GKIDS). It is designed to be administered during the first six weeks of the kindergarten year. The GKIDS Readiness Check is aligned to the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS) and correlated to the state mandates content standards for kindergarten. The goal of the assessment is to provide information about the skills of students entering kindergarten. 

    We are pleased and excited to announce the launch of a parent resource website for the GKIDS Readiness Check!   The site will serve as a resource for parents to learn more about kindergarten readiness, the skills assessed on the GKIDS Readiness Check, and activities to help support their child’s development at home.  The site includes Spanish translation and closed captioning.   The website may be accessed using the following links:  GKIDSReadinessCheck.gadoe.org or (a shorter version) KReady.gadoe.org.

    Parent Flyer (English) Color / Black & White  |  Parent Flyer (Spanish) Color / Black & White

    For more information visit the Georgia Department of Education.