• Vision Statement

    The Dawnville elementary school Media program strives to promote a love of reading, an environment where all students can learn, provide access to information in a variety of ways, and to teach students to be good Digital Citizens. The Media Center staff strives to collaborate with teachers and provide students with a place to be creative and think critically.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Dawnville elementary Media Center is to provide students with the opportunity to become not only lifelong users of information, but also creators of information. The Media Specialist will support the curriculum by collaborating with teachers, developing a collection that is representative of the community, and implementing literacy instruction for students.


    To provide a superior media program where every student and staff member has a voice.

    To provide a place where students and staff can come to read and access books and materials freely, safely, and in a comfortable setting.

    To provide an excellent media program that motivates and creates a love of reading.

    To provide quality and a variety of books and other materials for students and staff.

    To provide a setting where active learning takes place.