Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

  • The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is an annually-awarded federal grant that provides funding for fresh fruit and vegetable snacks to be served in elementary schools across the United States. Schools that participate in the program must offer free fresh fruits and vegetables to students during the school day at times other than meal service periods. This school year, 159 elementary schools across Georgia took advantage of this opportunity and were provided over $4,376,000 in funds to support the program. Participating Whitfield County schools are:

    • Cedar Ridge Elementary 
    • Dug Gap Elementary 
    • Eastside Elementary 
    • Valley Point Elementary 

    The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program strives to achieve the following goals:

    • Expand the variety of fruits and vegetables that children experience
    • Increase children's consumption of fruits and vegetables
    • Impact children's present and future health by making a difference in their diets