• Keenville Improving Georgia's Early Literacy and Numeracy Skills Through Game-Based Assessment

    Welcome to Keenville on Planet Peachy Keen!  We’re glad you’re here to meet our friends, the Keens.  The Keens live in Keenville and want to help Georgia’s youngest learners – those in first and second grade – grow and learn important reading and math skills.  Keenville is an innovative, developmentally appropriate game-based approach to formative assessment.  Traditional tests are not developmentally appropriate for young learners, and too often capture only one moment in time. Game-based assessment provides an alternative that is research-based and adds value for students, educators and parents. Game based assessments provide a unique opportunity to:   

    • integrate learning alongside assessment;                                               
    • support and empower the teacher with information to differentiate instruction for all students, whether they are struggling, on-grade-level, or advanced; and
    • hook students into the fun of learning! 

    For more information visit the Georgia Department of Education.