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    2021-2022 Student/Parent Handbook (English)

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    Parent's Right to Know


    We open the doors to the school at 7:00 AM. The car rider line entrance is off of Allison Drive beside the gym. All drop-off traffic should enter through this line, and the students will be dropped off at the back of the building. Please do not drop off students at the front of the building. This area is used for bus arrivals and departures until 7:40. 

    While waiting in the drop-off line, if your child exits quickly, please do not pull around the cars in front of you. This will help keep our students and staff members safe. The line will move in just a moment.

    If you are running behind and enter the school at 7:40 or later, please park at the front of the building and walk your child in to get a tardy slip. PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD IF NO STAFF MEMBERS ARE PRESENT. You will need to walk them in to help keep them safe.


    Buses leave the school at 2:30 PM, and then car rider dismissal will begin. All car riders will enter from the Allison Drive entrance and move towards the back of the school just like the morning arrival line. Please do not pull to the front of the building to pick up your child. The students are all in the back of the building waiting to be picked up. Once again, once your child is safely in your car, please wait on the cars in front of you to pull forward and follow them. Please do not pull around other cars unless directed to do so by a staff member.

    After School Care

    After School Care (ASC) is available to students. ASC is a prepaid program, so don’t forget to send money ahead of time. The cost is $8 per day, and the students must be picked up by 6 pm. Each child and his/her parents will be asked to abide by ASC rules each day, and a failure to follow rules could result in short or long-term suspensions. For more information, contact Jeanette Hook (jeanette.hook@wcsga.net)