Office of the Deputy Superintendent

  • Karey Williams has been part of Whitfield County Schools for 22 years. She grew up in Indiana and taught high school English Language Arts for 15 years before moving to Georgia. She taught English for 7 years at Southeast High School before transitioning to Administration. She has worked as an assistant principal and principal at Valley Point Elementary, an assistant principal at Northwest High School, principal at Southeast High School, and as Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning at the district level  before being named as Deputy Superintendent in 2021.  

    Ms. Williams completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, and she completed her Educational Specialist’s degree from Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. She is currently working to complete her Doctorate in Education Leadership at Kennesaw State University.  

    During Ms. Williams’ time working at the district level, she and the curriculum staff have worked to increase the opportunities students have to improve Early Literacy skills outside the school day. They have worked closely with school staff and community volunteers to provide multiple opportunities for students to learn to read after the school day and during the summer because students who learn to read can access all learning and are more likely to graduate from high school. This work is crucial for student success in school and beyond.