Professional Learning Purpose

  • Professional learning is conducted both at the school and district level with support from our Regional Education Service Agency (RESA). WCS employees are encouraged to stay abreast of the latest trends in education in order to bring the best instructional techniques into the classroom.

    A new coherent system for professional learning in Georgia was created by the implementation of Georgia Professional Standards Commission Rule 505-2-.36 RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS. This system requires a shift in our beliefs and attitudes in regards to how we “do” professional learning as it is a significant departure from the old way of “collecting” hours and seat time. The PSC focus is now not one of emphasizing seat time, but one of emphasizing the intentional learning occurring within professional learning. This Rule has a fundamental impact and change in the way we think about professional learning, implement professional learning, monitor professional learning, and evaluateprofessional learning. The face of professional learning in Georgia is job-embeddedcollaborative, and focused on improved teaching and increased student learning.

Professional Learning Calendar

  • We are pleased to offer a district calendar for the purpose of scheduling and tracking professional learning events across the district. The calendar is titled “WCS Internal Calendar” and is published on Google Calendar. To see the calendar and events posted so far, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Log in to your WCS Google account before clicking on the link below! 
    2. Once logged in, please click this link to add the calendar. If you need assistance resetting a password or gaining access, please contact Kristina Horsley or Pam Pettyjohn.