Crossroads Academy
  • At Crossroads Academy, it is our mission to increase student learning by providing students with meaningful, challenging, and engaging academic and social experiences in a safe and supportive alternative environment. 

    Our program was designed to provide an alternative to long-term out-of-school suspension for serious behavior infractions and to give students who have been unsuccessful at their home school campus a second chance at success. By attending Crossroads Academy, students have been given the opportunity to further their education as well as their personal development.

    In an effort to provide support to our students, our classes have a maximum size of 18 students.  In our middle school program, teachers design lessons that follow the Georgia Standards of Excellence to meet the individual needs of each student while maintaining current grade level instruction.  Our high school students use Edgenuity, an online computer-based program to complete required courses for graduation.  We provide additional support to our high school students by providing one on one instruction from a certified content area teacher.

    In addition to the academic component of Crossroads Academy, our students also participate in counseling sessions and other activities designed to help them be successful when they return to their home school.  Students are provided opportunities and tools to practice more effective coping skills when dealing with problems.  Our hope is to provide the necessary skills for students to be successful in any environment they are placed.