Whitfield County Online Academy

  • What is the Whitfield County Online Academy?

    The Whitfield County Online Academy (WCOLA) is a program within Whitfield County Schools that gives students in grades 9-12 an opportunity to complete coursework using the research based program, Edgenuity.  Classes are monitored by certified staff of Whitfield County Schools. Students will still be considered as students of their home high school (CCH, NHS or SHS).

    Who is eligible to attend WCOLA?

    Any student in grades 9-12 has an opportunity to complete initial credit classes through WCOLA.  For example, this program works for students who may be involved in the apprenticeship program or students who are home due to the pandemic and are not comfortable attending face to face classes.

    What will the student schedule look like?

    Students who enroll with WCOLA will be scheduled on a block schedule.  Students will be scheduled for their four core academic classes with an option for a 5th block to handle an elective.

    How will students participate in End of Course tests?

    End of course (EOC)  tests are given in the following courses: Algebra 1, Biology, American Literature and U.S. History.  Any students participating in these courses will be required to take these EOC’s and they must come into the schools to take the test.

    How does a student apply?

    Families will work with their student’s home school counselor to determine classes that are needed on their graduation plan.  Counselor’s will have a form to fill out and the information from the form will be used by the counselors at the Northwest Georgia College and Career Academy (NWGCCA). All WCOLA students will be scheduled by a counselor at NWGCCA.