Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who do I contact if interested in applying to WCOLA?

    Contact your high school guidance counselor for help selecting appropriate courses. They can also help you decide if you are a good candidate for the program and help answer further questions you or your parents/guardians may have. You may also contact the WCOLA coordinator, Mrs. J. Bailey, at (706) 876-3600.

    How can I determine if this program is right for me?

    WCOLA students need to have organizational skills, be independent learners, have great communication skills, be willing to ask and seek help, be self-disciplined, be self-motivated, and be personally motivated to succeed.

    Who would benefit from enrolling in WCOLA?

    • Students seeking to maintain or accelerate their graduation date
    • Student apprentices needing flexibility in their schedules
    • Students needing to transition from another county, home school, or private school.

    Who can apply for WCOLA?

    Whitfield County students entering their 11th or 12th grade year of high school may submit an application. Please note that only 11th and 12th graders will be considered for the introductory year of WCOLA and courses will be limited. You will be given a list of choices during the enrollment process if you decide to submit an application.

    Will all colleges accept the credits I earn through WCOLA?

    WCOLA offers accredited courses using the Edgenuity learning platform. These credits will fulfill requirements needed for a high school diploma.
    Please note that at this time, the NCAA will not accept these classes for athletes planning to attend college on a scholarship. Athletes who are planning to attend an NCAA institution should not take these courses at this time.

    Will I earn my diploma through WCOLA?

    No. Credits earned through WCOLA will be entered on the student’s transcript and sent to their home school; either Coahulla Creek, Northwest, or Southeast. The diploma will be awarded by the student’s home school and the student will participate in the home school graduation.

    Can I graduate by taking classes only through WCOLA?

    No. Course selections are limited and will not fulfill all graduation requirements.

    How many classes can I take?

    Students may only register for two WCOLA classes at one time. However, once the course is completed and any required EOCs taken, the student may immediately register for another course. The student is only limited by the amount of time they may have to allot to working on the class.

    How long are the classes?

    The classes during a semester would take a commitment of approximately 60-90 minutes PER day for the average student. Some students take longer, some finish quickly, and some students fall within the guidelines.

    What materials and supplies do I need?

    You must have access to the Internet at home or you must have a scheduled block of time during the day at school to work in the WCOLA lab. You must have access to a computer, ipad, chromebook, etc. to log in to the Edgenuity platform.

    Where can I get help with my course if needed?

    Students may ask for help by emailing the WCOLA instructor, coming to the WCOLA lab at the Career Academy, or asking for help from certified teachers at their home schools.

    May I take my tests at home?

    No. Students are required to come to the WCOLA lab to take their tests and to take any EOCs required by the state. The lab will be open from early morning until late afternoon to accommodate students and give them added flexibility to their schedules.

    How do I fill out an application for WCOLA?

    Go to your home school website. There should be a WCOLA link that will take you directly to the online application. After you have answered the required questions, submit and send the application. It will be time stamped. You and your home school will be contacted once you have been accepted. If the number of applicants exceeds available space, applications will be accepted in the order received until all the slots are filled.

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