The DES Media Center is the place where students can explore new adventures, learn about the solar system or their favorite animal, or take a trip to a far away place, all through reading books. We have a wide variety of books that will appeal to students in all grades. Students have time during the day to "shop" for books individually and during their scheduled library class time. Make reading a priority in your house and watch your children grow and learn as they read wonderful books.

    Please take a moment to look at the various sections of this website. There are some wonderful online resources available for students, teachers and parents, on the "Media Center Links" section.

    Explore our online catalog, Destiny, to discover the wonderful books we have in the Dawnville Media Center.

    Thank you,

    ~Ms. Tyner, DES Media Specialist



  • About the Media Center

    We have an exciting program in the Dawnville Elementary School Media Center, with our main objective always being to encourage your child to read! Activities and lessons for various grade levels will include library and computer skills, literature appreciation, and of course, book fairs.

    Read Everyday!

    Books may be kept for 2 weeks. Please encourage your child to keep track of their library books and to return them on time. Books may be returned on a daily basis and others may be checked out. Please encourage your child to take care of their library books.  Please encourage your child to read at home every day!

    Checkouts are as follows: 

    Kindergarten - One book at a time
    Grades 1-5 - Two books at a time