• Clubs and Organizations

    School-sponsored clubs (excluding competitive interscholastic activities or events) are those under the sponsorship, direction, and control of the school that organizes and meet for common goals, objectives, and purposes.  State law requires that parents have the right to withhold permission for their students to participate in any school-sponsored club or organization designated by them.  The following school-sponsored clubs will be in operation during this school year, for which information is provided regarding the name of each club, its purpose, faculty sponsor, and a description of past or planned activities.  You, as the parent/guardian, have the right to withhold in writing your permission for your student’s participation in any club or organization.  For your convenience, a form is included in the student handbook if you do not wish for your student to participate in the club you have designated on the form you should send this form back to the principal before the first club meeting in August.  If a club is added during the school year, you will be provided information on the club and your written permission will be required prior to your student’s participation.


     All clubs will meet before or after school.  Please see the sponsor for more information on when your club will meet.