Fall 2017

    Club Group 1

    September 8, October 6, November 3, December 1






    Meeting place

    National Art Honor Society


    Room 28

    Country Music club


    Room 32

    Book Club


    Room 8

    Rock Music Club


    Room 36



    Room 49







    Club Group 2

    September 15, October 13, November 10, December 8






    Meeting place






    Room 25

    Spanish Honor Society


    Room 34



    Media center







    Club Group 3

    September 29, October 20, November 17, December 15






    Meeting place




    French Club


    Room 35

    Chess Club


    Room 117

    Beta Club


    Room 50



    Room 10

    Guys Volleyball (will not begin until October 20)




  • Beta

    Raider Nation has a new club in town. It’s for future leaders and those who like to serve others. Beta Club’s motto is: Let Us Lead by Serving Others. Beta Club helps develop character and skills to be a leader of tomorrow. If you want to be part of something great and help start a new club at Southeast, come to room 50 during club group 3.  

    Book club

    Book club is for those who enjoy reading and talking about books. Club members have a choice in what we will be reading and discussing.


    Chess club

    Do you know what the British millionaire said to the poor person when they ate lunch together?  "Give me the check...mate."  


    It is time for the Chess Club to meet.  Mr. Hoskins' SRT meets in the Media Center.  All chess players are welcome.  However, only those players who bring their own chess sets will be admitted.  Those having a chess set may bring another player with them as their opponent.  We are looking forward to a very "moving" chess experience this year. 



    The focus of drama club is the development of skills through improvisation games and activities. Drama club is an extension of the Ga thespian society and students will participate in a community service project. You do not have to be in drama club to participate in performances, but it is recommended.



    FCA is a club for anyone, not just athletes. It's a great place to learn about God, and there will be food. 



    French Club

    French Club is for all current or past French students who want to expand their French skills and knowledge through games, movies, food, and more! Meets in Madame Schindler's Room (35). 


    If you love books and want to build skills that you can put on your resume, apply to be a member of the GLMA.

    The GLMA club here at SEWHS is made up of students who are current Library Media Office Aides, students that helped in the libraries at feeder schools, and the students who enjoy reading and volunteer to help out in the Library. All new members start out with probation trainee status. Experience at a feeder school is a plus, but not a necessity. Grades and discipline are checked for every student who applies to help in the Media Center. Students must maintain a C or better grade average, as well as be consistent and reliable about showing up to help in the library. Interested come today and get more information. 


    Guys Volleyball


    Key Club is a service organization.   Members assist Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school members of Key Club are expected to volunteer a minimum of 50 hours a year in their community and school.  

    K-Pop Dance club

    This club is organized to learn and watch K-Pop dances. This time will be a time for practicing and rehearsal. 

    National Art Honor Society

    National Art Honors Society is for current or past SHS art students. Students in NAHS are required to have maintained a minimum of a B average during their time in art classes. Dues for this club are $5.00 per student. NAHS is a service organization and provides volunteer opportunities with the visual arts in the community while experimenting with different media in the classroom during meetings. NAHS members who maintain membership for 3 of their 4 years at SHS and obtain a minimum of 10 volunteer hours each school year receive an NAHS merit cord at their time of graduation.


    Rock Music club

    Rock Music Club will be for those who like to listen to rock music from all decades.  We will not only rock out to some awesome music, but also provide information and facts about the singers, the bands, and history of rock music.  

    Spanish Honor Society

    Spanish Honor Society is open to all students who are enrolled in Spanish level 3 or higher.  These students must have an average Spanish grade of a 90 or above and  an overall GPA at a 3.0 or higher.



    Triathlon club is open to those who have an interest in doing a triathlon, or curious about the sport. We will watch videos of triathlons and discuss training plans, nutrition and races.


    Writing Club is for students who enjoy writing creatively and want to become better writers.


    Share your work to get positive feedback from others who share your love of the written word.


    Start a novel, punch-up a short story, perfect a poem, or storyboard a screenplay! You can find your voice with other writers.


    We’ll also discuss techniques and habits of professional writers, share information about contests and competitions, and explore creative writing programs at various colleges around the country.


    See Mr. Queen in Room 10 for more information!