• ALPHA (Advanced Learning Program for Higher Achievers) is the gifted program for Whitfield County Schools.  At Tunnel Hill, ALPHA students are served through a resource model.  This means that students leave the regular classroom for fifty minutes a day in order to recieve instruction at an advanced level.  This includes lessons, projects, and activities that reach across all academic areas.  We also do activities which involve logic, problem solving, creativity, leadership, service, and independent inquiry. 

    At Tunnel Hill, ALPHA students leave the classroom during the intervention block for their grade level.  That means ALPHA students do not miss academic classes, but instead are served during the time when all students in the grade level are recieving targeted instruction focused on individual learning needs. 

    For more information about ALPHA, please see the ALPHA website.  Some pages are password protected because they contain pictures and videos of our students.  If your child receives ALPHA services, please ask for the password.

    Click HERE to see the welcome packet for the 2021-22. 

    ALPHA Suppy List for 2021-22 

    Bucket Seats for ALPHA