Your School Board Members

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    GSBA Quality School Board

    The Whitfield County Schools Board of Education is made up of five members. Four of the members represent one of four voting districts with a fifth member serving at-large who represents the entire school district. In the photo, from left, are Vice Chairman Tony Stanley, board members Thomas Barton and Louis Fordham, and Chairman Bill Worley

    Whitfield County school board members serve alternating four-year terms. In November 2016, board members Thomas Barton and Tony Stanley were re-elected to serve another four years. The next candidates scheduled to be on the ballot in November 2018 will serve District 2 (currently vacant) and District 4 (currently served by Louis Fordham).

    School Board Meetings

    School board members generally meet on the first Monday of each month (with some exceptions for holidays). The board's meetings are posted on the district calendar and collected in this one-page meeting schedule.


Board Members