Whitfield County Board of Education

  •  2021 Whitfield County Board of Education

    The Whitfield County Board of Education was recognized as a Georgia School Board Association (GSBA) 2021 Exemplary School Board. Our board met and/or exceeded the criteria set forth by GSBA to become one of 58, out of 180 public school boards, to earn the Extenguished Board status. The GSBA School Board Recognition Program requires a high level of commitment from school board members. The ultimate goal is to provide a platform based on governance standards which challenges boards, but creates a culture of success for students and communities. For more information on the GSBA School Board Recognition Program, please visit www.gsba.com

    The Whitfield County Board of Education is made up of five members. Four of the members represent one of four voting districts with a fifth member serving at-large to represent the entire school district. In the photo, from left, are Ron Johnson, Chairman Bill Worley, Carolyn Weaver, Joseph Farmer, and Vice Chairman Jamie Johnson.

    Whitfield County school board members serve alternating four-year terms.