About Whitfield County Schools

  • Sign at Whitfield County Schools Central Office We know every student is different. They live in different parts of the county. Some have brothers and sisters and others don’t. Academic and financial support varies from one home to the next. The staff members of Whitfield County Schools want to learn from students, parents, and stakeholders in the community. We strive to respond to their needs and provide a safe and supportive environment to challenge students with meaningful work.

    Our team of educators work together across grade levels, content areas, and among all of our 24 schools. We believe all of our employees are leaders and encourage them to learn from each other. This open dialogue helps each teacher design a portfolio of customized work that helps them teach students how they learn best.

    Then and now

    When the Whitfield County School System was established in 1872, its primary purpose was to educate children when they were not needed on the family farm. A lot has changed since then! We are now the 28th largest of Georgia’s 180 public school districts. More than 13,000 students attend 24 schools that include:

    • 13 elementary schools
    • 5 middle schools
    • 3 comprehensive high schools
    • 1 charter high school career academy
    • 1 special-purpose high school
    • 1 alternative school

    We believe the best way to learn about our schools is to see them in action. We encourage you to visit any of our schools for a firsthand experience of the teaching and learning happening in Whitfield County Schools.

Website Usage Guidelines

  • We encourage everyone to be a part of the community conversation on the websites and social media pages associated with Whitfield County Schools that represent the many facets of our school district.

    Our family of websites provide a network to share our students' work with the community and to engage in an ongoing conversation focused on their education. Those who choose to participate should remember to be thoughtful about their comments and show respect to fellow guests online.

    We value your opinion and want to learn from the conversation whether we agree or disagree; however, we will not tolerate profanity or personal attacks. Inappropriate and off-topic content will be removed and may be reported.

    Students will be held accountable for their comments and held to the same standards expected in our schools and outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Slanderous or defamatory statements may lead to civil litigation and liability.

Administration Buildings

  • Central Office
    1306 South Thornton Avenue
    Dalton, GA 30720
    (706) 217-6780

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  • Student Services & Enrollment
    201 East Tyler Street
    Dalton, GA 30721
    (706) 876-3955

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  • Operations
    1030 Hill Road
    Dalton, GA 30720
    (706) 876-7280

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