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  • Purchasing

    To become a registered vendor for Whitfield County, please click the link below to join our Vendor Registry. 

    To see a list of solicitations for bids for Whitfield County School District, please follow the link below.


    Whitfield County Schools participates in E-Verify. Our company ID is #123439 (Authorization Date: May 30, 2008). Download an e-Verify affidavit from Whitfield County Schools. Learn more about E-Verify from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    Surplus materials

    Surplus school district property may be sold at public auction, sold through online government auctions, or transferred to state, county, or municipal governmental entities (Board Policy DO).

    Visit GovDeals to view surplus property available for purchase online.

    Annual Asbestos Management Plan

    The Whitfield County School System AHERA Management Plan is available for public inspection upon request at the Whitfield County Board of Education. This notification is provided to fulfill the requirement of Section 763.93(4) of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, 40 CFR Park 763, October 30, 1987. All interested parents, teachers, empoyees or other persons are invited to review the plan, which includes the following items:

    1. Location, amounts and types of asbestos containing materials
    2. Response actions to the asbestos containing materials (Westside Middle School asbestos abated June 2019 before demolition.) 
    3. Plans for inspection and periodic survellance
    4. Public Notification procedures

    Anyone interested in reviewing this plan should call the Whitfield County Board of Education at (706) 217-6780. 


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