Teaching & Learning

  • Teaching and learning team members strive to support our teachers and staff across all grade levels and content areas to design meaningful, challenging and engaging work for students that pushes them to seek improvement and achieve at higher levels. Whitfield County Schools is committed to using effective instructional practices that are non-negotiable in every classroom. Click to view the Instructional Expectations for Student Success

    Who is on the Teaching and Learning team?

    Led by Deputy Superintendent Karey Williams, the teaching and learning team work as liaisons to provide clear communication for their colleagues in the schools and deliver regular opportunities for improvement to teachers throughout the school district.

    Lead Teachers and Coordinators

    Digital Learning Coaches

    The WCS teaching and learning aim is to create educational experiences that are authentic and challenging for students. To meet that goal, students are given the opportunity to use various pieces of technology to enhance their learning experience. Digital Learning Specialists work to support the needs of elementary, middle, and high school learners as well as teachers and other educators as they use technology tools and online platforms.

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