Department of Finance

  • The Department of Business and Finance Services manages spending and purchases, payroll, and maintains the school district's general fund budget and other accounts.

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    Our goal is to design an efficient budget that enables our staff to provide the highest quality of education possible for students while being wary stewards of taxpayer dollars. We hope you enjoy the following information and that it provides some insight about how we manage and invest the school district’s funds.

    • Approximately 85 percent of our daily operating budget pays salaries and benefits, leaving approximately 15 percent to operate and maintain our schools.
    • Funding for the general fund budget is typically split between approximately 65 percent state funding and approximately 35 percent local funding.
    • School System Financial Reports published by the Georgia Department of Education provide information about how funds are allocated in Georgia's public school systems. Our average spending per pupil during fiscal 2016 was $8,548, or $473 less than the state average of $9,020 per pupil.

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