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    2022-2023 Student/Parent Handbook (English)

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    2022-2023 Supply List (Spanish)

    2022-2023 PGE School Improvement Plan

    Parent's Right to Know


    We open the doors to the school at 7:00 AM. The car rider line entrance is off of Allison Drive beside the gym. All drop-off traffic should enter through this line, and the students will be dropped off at the back of the building. Please do not drop off students at the front of the building. This area is used for bus arrivals and departures until 7:40.

    If you would like to walk your child into the school, you may park at the front or in the side parking lot and walk them into the building. As we have done for the past two years, due to security reasons, unless you have a morning appointment with the teacher, students will walk to their classrooms on their own (other than on the first day of school). We have our Hug & Go zone at the front where you can drop your child off, and we will get them to the gym, the cafeteria, or the classroom, depending on the time. If you would like to eat breakfast with your child, please sign in and you may take them to the cafeteria. Once they are finished, they can walk to the classroom. Please be advised, that students must be in their classrooms by 7:40 to avoid being considered tardy. 

    While waiting in the drop-off line, if your child exits quickly, please do not pull around the cars in front of you. This will help keep our students and staff members safe. The line will move in just a moment.

    If you are running behind and enter the school at 7:40 or later, please park at the front of the building and walk your child in to get a tardy slip. PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD IF NO STAFF MEMBERS ARE PRESENT. You will need to walk them in to help keep them safe.


    Buses leave school at 2:30 PM, and then car rider dismissal will begin. All car riders will enter from the Allison Drive entrance and move towards the back of the school just like the morning arrival line. Please do not pull to the front of the building to pick up your child. The students are all in the back of the building waiting to be picked up. Once again, once your child is safely in your car, please wait for the cars in front of you to pull forward and follow them. Please do not pull around other cars unless directed to do so by a staff member.

    After School Care

    After School Care (ASC) is available for students. ASC is a prepaid program, so don’t forget to send money ahead of time. The cost is $8 per day, and the students must be picked up by 6 pm. Each child and his/her parents will be asked to abide by ASC rules each day, and a failure to follow rules could result in short or long-term suspensions. For more information, contact Jeanette Hook (jeanette.hook@wcsga.net)


    Lunch & Breakfast

    Free and Reduced Meal Applications

    Free and Reduced Meal Applications are available online.  Go to the Whitfield County School website at www.wcsga.net/schoolnutrition to access the online application.  Paper copies will be available at the beginning of school.  You are encouraged to complete an application if you think your children may qualify.  ONLY ONE APPLICATION PER HOUSEHOLD needs to be completed, listing all school-age children on the form.

    Meal Prices



    Breakfast Elementary



    Breakfast Middle & High



    Lunch Elementary



    Lunch Middle & High



    Online Payment Option

    Parents are able to pay for student meals with cash, money order, check, or online.

    Advantages of Using Online Payment System-

    • See your student's meal balance at any time from anywhere
    • Deposit payments for multiple students in just one click
    • Set up recurring payments for monthly or weekly deposits
    • Reviewing individual student meal histories 
    • Automated notifications via email or text when your student's balance falls below an amount you choose

    Go to the Whitfield County School website:  www.wcsga.net/schoolnutrition to set up your child's account. You will need your child's Student ID number to set up an account. If you do not know your child's Student ID number, you may contact your child's cafeteria manager.

    Biometric finger scan

    Schools will be using a biometric finger scan to identify students.  Parents can opt-out of the finger scan by contacting their school’s cafeteria manager.


    Students have a limited charge privilege. If an elementary or middle school student arrives at school without money, they are allowed up to (5) five days of charges. If a high school student arrives at school without money, they are allowed up to (3) three days of charges. If the student has reached the charge limit, he/she will be provided an alternate meal (such as a cheese sandwich and milk). Every effort will be made to notify parents of charges and the alternative meal policy at the first negative balance, utilizing automated calls, letters, and email. Charges are not allowed for extras or a la carte items. 


    Monthly lunch menus can be viewed on www.wcsga.net/schoolnutrition

    Outside Food

    Students are encouraged to eat school-prepared meals. Food items brought from home to be consumed in the school cafeteria should be in appropriate containers such as paper bags or lunch boxes. Containers with advertising (such as Wendy’s, McDonald’s, etc.) should not be brought into the school cafeteria. Carbonated beverages should not be brought to school.


    Field Trips

    All students should have the opportunity of attending field trips during the school year. Field trips are an extension of the educational experience the students receive at school. Therefore, all field trips should be directly related to the Georgia Standards of Excellence. Donations may be requested from parents to help defray costs; however, no fees may be required and no student may be denied the opportunity to participate due to not paying.

    Only Whitfield County employees are allowed to ride on the buses with students. Parents who ride the bus are considered school volunteers and may attend as chaperones as long as they have been approved by the principal prior to the trip. If parents are supervising students, they must have completed the mandated reporter training. Parents attending the field trip do not need a background check as long as they are NOT chaperoning or in charge of students on the trip. Background checks will be required for parents supervising students on overnight trips.  For safety reasons, a list of the students and adults on each bus should be left in the office, and a copy taken on the bus. Also, a cell phone and a first aid kit should be on each bus.

    School volunteers are also considered mandatory reporters and they must adhere to the same reporting guidelines mentioned above.  In order to volunteer at WCS, school volunteers must complete the mandated reporter training and must provide the school with a copy of the online training (Mandated Reporting Training Website) or school-conducted training certificate plus sign the WCS forms (Mandated Reporter & Volunteer - No Compensation Forms).  These forms must be on file with each school he/she volunteers.   Additional volunteer requirements must be completed if the volunteer is supervising overnight field trips and/or students outside of the teacher’s supervision.

    Whitfield County Schools Field Trip and Chaperone Guidelines for Non-Employees

    Whitfield County Schools’ students will attend a variety of field trips this year.  In order to ensure the safety of our students and make the trip fun and educational, school personnel and chaperones must adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. If you would like to attend a field trip with your child, you will need to submit this completed form at least 5 days prior to the trip. This is a Whitfield County Schools policy. Here is the form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d5SRiniDSx8YcznhtHiKCAbVK0Z6r2nG/view
    2. The teacher is ultimately responsible for all students, which is why it is a requirement that teachers cannot bring their own children on field trips unless their children are students in the attending class. 
    3. Field trips are off-campus learning experiences and tied to the curriculum.  Parents are welcome to attend field trips in the capacity as a chaperone.  Chaperones are used to assist the teacher and help ensure the safety of the students in order to maximize the learning experience.  A chaperone’s attention needs to be completely focused on his/her assigned group of students. Therefore, only students enrolled at the designated school in the grade level attending the field trip are permitted to attend school field trips.  Siblings of the student are not permitted to attend.
    4. As a chaperone, you may be assigned a group of students to supervise.  You must be aware of the whereabouts of your assigned group at all times.
    5. Chaperones must provide their own transportation unless requested by the school to ride the bus.
    6. Chaperones are asked to pay the entrance fee at the location of the trip unless otherwise informed.
    7. If souvenirs are purchased or snacks are brought, you must purchase enough for the entire group.
    8. Whitfield County policies, such as proper attire and a tobacco-free (smokeless and non-smokeless) environment, apply to field trips.
    9. The Chaperone will need to complete the Mandated Reporter training and submit the certificate to the school before the trip. This is required by Georgia Law.
    10. If it is an overnight trip involving boys and girls, you must have male and female chaperones.  You should have 1 gender-specific chaperone for every 12 gender-specific students.
    11. No field trips will be scheduled during the testing windows for state assessments.