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NWGCCA named 2021 Georgia College & Career Academy of the Year

Lt. Governor Duncan recognizes Northwest Georgia College and Career Academy as the 2021 Georgia College & Career Academy of the Year

2021 GA College & Career Academy of the Year
In the photo (from left): Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, NWGCCA CEO David Moeller, Shaw Director of Workforce Development Brian Cooksey, NWGCCA Administrative Assistant Sharon Bonifacious, WCS Superintendent Dr. Judy Gilreath, WCS Assistant Superintendent Karey Williams, WCS Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mike Ewton, NWGCCA Principal Sherri Travisano and Georgia State Senator Chuck Payne.

The Technical College System of Georgia and Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan recognized Northwest Georgia College and Career Academy (NWGCCA) as the 2021 Georgia College and Career Academy of the Year
at the Georgia State Capitol Thursday, April 22. 

“Northwest Georgia College and Career Academy is at the forefront of innovation in workforce development and education and is an invaluable asset to their community,” said Lt. Governor Duncan. “I want to congratulate David Moeller, CEO, as well as the Academy Board of Directors, Superintendent Judy Gilreath, the Whitfield County School Board and the local community for their commitment to improve educational opportunities for all students and to build a dynamic workforce for the 21st century.”

Achievements that were highlighted in the selection of the Northwest Georgia College and Career Academy include: the continued growth of the Academy’s healthcare programs, a high Perkins Graduation rate for students in Computer, Technology, Agriculture and Engineering (CTAE) programs, strong math & science academic scores, exceptional business & industry partnerships, and expansions of manufacturing pathways to support workforce needs. The selection committee praised NWGCCA for being “a leader amongst college and career academies, but also all schools throughout Georgia.”

NWGCCA was created to help high school students achieve success through an individualized program of rigorous and relevant instruction in academic and career/ technical courses, planned and structured work-based learning opportunities, and a seamless transition to post-secondary education and the workforce. The College & Career Academy is focused on providing students with math & science academics that align to STEM-focused career programs that are tied to the workforce needs of the Greater Dalton area and can adapt and change as the needs of business and industry change.

“Northwest Georgia College and Career Academy is honored to be selected as this year’s College & Career Academy of the Year,” stated NWGCCA CEO David Moeller.  “This recognition reflects the outstanding work of our students, faculty and staff, the partnerships we have with local business & industry, and the support we receive from the leadership of Whitfield County Schools and our board of directors."