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How to Prevent Kids Identity Theft

With identity fraud being more and more of a problem, it is time to start considering our children's identity as a viable and very desired item by identity thieves.  According to the Detroit Free Press, 1.3 million kids have their identity stolen annually, and 50% of them are under the age of 6.  At GAMEIS, Georgia Association of Managers of Education Information Systems, I attended a discussion about the growing attack on schools for student information.  Mikela Lea, a white hat hacker, explained to us that on the dark web adult SSNs are worth ~$60 each, whereas a minor is worth upwards of $35,000.

Now comes the question, how can I protect my kids' identity?  I have included three links below to the major credit companies.  Each one has their own way to lock your child's credit so identity thieves can not use their information.