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GKIDS 2.0: Working Together to Support Georgia's Kindergarten Students


Click here to access the GKIDS parent site. Click here to download the GKIDS 2.0 parent flyer. 

About GKIDS 2.0

The Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (GKIDS) is a yearlong, performance-based assessment. GKIDS 2.0 is a newly enhanced form of this assessment designed to better document and communicate your child’s progress on the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) throughout his or her kindergarten year. GKIDS 2.0 will:

  • Measure your child’s knowledge and skills in up to seven areas of learning
  • Help teachers plan instruction
  • Help families understand their child’s progress over time

GKIDS 2.0 will NOT:

  • Determine if your child is promoted to first grade

Big Ideas and Learning Progressions

GKIDS 2.0 is based upon big ideas and learning progressions. A big idea describes the integration of concepts and skills from the kindergarten standards that are most important for success in first grade. A learning progression will allow kindergarten students to begin by learning basic foundational skills and, over the school year, have opportunities to demonstrate understanding of more complex skills and concepts.


Big ideas and learning progressions were developed for four academic domains and three non-academic domains.

 Academic Domains

  • English language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science (optional)
  • Social Studies (optional)

 Non-Academic Domains

  • Approaches to Learning
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Motor Skills (optional)

Georgia requires that kindergarten students be assessed in English language arts, Mathematics, Approaches to Learning, and Personal and Social Development.  School districts may determine if their kindergarten teachers will assess Science, Social Studies, and Motor Skills through GKIDS 2.0.


Included below are the progressions developed as part of GKIDS 2.0. As a reminder, science, social studies, and motor skills are optional and local school districts will determine if these areas are assessed as part of GKIDS 2.0.

English language arts

  • Phonemic Awareness 
  • Phonics 
  • High-Frequency Words 
  • Comprehension 
  • Conventions of Writing 
  • Spelling 
  • Communication of Ideas


  • Shapes 
  • Counting-Number 
  • Counting-Objects 
  • Compare 
  • Addition and Subtraction


  • Physical Attributes 
  • Motion 
  • Organisms and Non-living Objects 
  • Time Patterns 
  • Earth Materials

Social Studies

  • Historical Understandings 
  • Geographic Understandings 
  • Civic Understandings 
  • Economic Understandings

Approaches to Learning

  • Curiosity and Initiative 
  • Creativity and Problem-Solving 
  • Attention, Engagement, and Persistence

Personal and Social Development

  • Personal Development and Social Regulation 
  • Social Development/Classroom Interactions

Motor Skills

  • Gross Motor Skills 
  • Fine Motor Skills