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Student orators display their public speaking skills at the 2023 District Civic Oration Competition

During the month of March, elementary and middle schools across Whitfield County offered students an opportunity to develop skills in public speaking by competing in school-level civic oration competitions. The school-level winners then had the chance to showcase their skills at the 2023 District Civic Oration Competition held at the Northwest Georgia College and Career Academy on Tuesday, April 11. The topic: top three things you should know about _____.

Due to the number of schools competing, the competition took place in two rounds.

Round 1 participants and winners:
Ansley Peeples from Varnell Elementary - First Place Winner
Bailie Dean from New Hope Middle - Second Place Winner
Harper Blevins from New Hope Elementary - Third Place Winner
Jocelyn Gutierrez from Cedar Ridge Elementary
Juan Mena from Dawnville Elementary
Ayden Payne from Dug Gap Elementary
Kaylie Webb from North Whitfield Middle
Jessie Hargis from Tunnel Hill Elementary
Gissel Meza-Hernandez from Valley Point Elementary

Round 2 participants and winners:
Kylee Betty from Valley Point Middle - First Place Winner
Maddie Retelle from Westside Middle - Second Place Winner
Sequel Fraire from Eastside Elementary - Third Place Winner
Denisse Palacios from Antioch Elementary
Easton Thomason from Beaverdale Elementary
Jorge Romero from Eastbrook Middle
Valentina Zapata from Pleasant Grove Elementary
Emery Lloyd from Westside Elementary

Congratulations to all District Civic Orators! For all photos taken at the District Civic Oration Competition, please click here