Instructions for Obtaining a Work Permit

 In order to obtain a Youth Work Permit access the Georgia Department of Labor website:

Go to the Individuals Tab, then to the Youth Tab,  and scroll down to Get a Youth Work Permit On Line page.  Click on the Minor tab.

Complete Part A of the Work Permit. You will receive a Minor Security Key Code when you have successfully completed your part of the Work Permit.

You will need to give the Minor Security Key code on the work permit to your employer. The employer will need the key in order to access your permit and complete section B.

Employer will chose the Employer tab. Employer will go online and fill out the pertinent information about the company and then plug in the duties and  hours that they estimate you will work. Once Part B is completed a company official will then need to type their name and job title.

You as the student will need to advise me that Parts A and B are complete and I will then go on line and complete Part C.

I will then advise you the permit is complete and ready for you to access and print.

The incomplete work permit will only remain on the GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF LABOR website for 30 days from submitted date. Once this permit expires a new permit will need to be completed by you and your potential employer.


Mike Sanders

Work Permit Issuing Officer

Northwest Whitfield High School

1651 Tunnel Hill - Varnell Road

Tunnel Hill, GA 30755

Front Office Phone - 706-516-2200

Fax Number - 706-673-7098